The money crunch hits every team that spends a half-decade in the lottery. Great prospects get expensive once their rookie deals expire; you eventually have to shed someone. Utah is staring down this dilemma, and the Magic have already addressed it by dealing Harris, Harkless, and Oladipo — with the latter up for a mega-extension, and (for now) seeking the maximum salary, sources say.

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The Magic are betting that the Ibaka/Vucevic combo brings enough shooting to open the floor for Payton and Gordon — and that sliding Oladipo’s minutes to Fournier and Mario Hezonja Jerseys brings a major upgrade in shooting. They envision Gordon acting almost as a center at times, cutting for dunks as Ibaka and Vucevic spread the floor — a role inversion the Magic toyed with in certain lineups last season free shipping.

Ibaka shoots plenty of 3s, but he dipped to 32.6 percent last season on mostly wide-open looks. Without Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook to suck in defenders, Ibaka might face an uncomfortable choice: jack semi-contested 3s he can’t make, or use his timid off-the-bounce game to skitter by defenders closing out on him.

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We’re often too quick for men prominence with experience. We think that just because someone is famous they are qualified or even obligated to speak out on societal issues, when the reality is speeches are better left to those who actually have something to say. Anthony and Catchings don’t profess to have all of the solutions. What they know — what we can tell about them — is that they’re equipped to take on the problems.

Guard E’Twaun Moore , who played the past two seasons with the Chicago Bulls, has reached a four-year agreement with the New Orleans Pelicans, his agency, Priority authentic sports jerseys, announced. The deal is worth $34 million and does not include any options, according to league sources. The New Orleans Advocate first reported the agreement.

There are people within the team who think that by midseason, it will be clear Orlando’s best lineups feature Gordon at power forward and Ibaka at center — sort of a problem given the $30 million per year invested in Vucevic and Biyombo.