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The vote also was another move to fortify the Big 12’s position in the college landscape. At 10 members, including West Virginia University, the Big 12 is the smallest of the power conferences. The conference uses a round-robin football schedule, and has been the lone power conference without a championship game. That led to Baylor and TCU being named co-champions in 2014 and both being left out of the inaugural College Football Playoff.

“I think I’m a great leader verbally. So I continue to try to bring the guys along and develop that culture. I think X’s and O’s are extremely important. But if you have a great culture, you’re going to be successful. That’s not just in from China. That’s in any organization. So my whole goal was to come in and be the leader that I am and get the culture moving in the right direction.”

A lot of kids transfer because they have delusions of grandeur, a one former member of the GW staff said. Nobody transferred from GW with delusions of grandeur. They just transferred because they hated [Lonergan]. You know, they’re going to join a family,” Bowlsby said. “And it’s important that they strengthen the family and we strengthen them. They couldnt stand another second of him.

As a graduate transfer in search of immediate playing time for his senior season, quarterback Trevor Knight contacted several college football coaches in early December. The gave Tyndall a 10-year show-cause penalty in April after the governing body ruled the former Southern Miss coach orchestrated academic fraud designed to land recruits as well as other misconduct that included trying to cover up payments to athletes and potential evidence.

I truly believe if he keeps working and keeps having the same intensity and focus that he’s had and the seriousness about being a very good player and student and person and all those things,” Harbaugh said, “I think he could explode into a giant of a man.”

I would say, yes, it’s a forward step,” Boren said in a Tuesday evening conference call. “It’s a positive step. It’s not yet a decision, if any particular university or college — or even a definite decision about when we expand or the way, the form this would take. But it’s definitely a forward step, and I think it shows momentum on the board to very seriously consider this as a possibility.”

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